Get To Know Me

Welcome! I’m Meah Denee Barrington and this is my personal online diary. Yes you read correctly! The one place I can be free and artistic all in one. A place were people can connect, be entertained and get real about topics that bother me and some I’m too uncomfortable to speak about in person.

Now a little bit more about me! I was born in Bronx, NY and raised in Raeford, NC. So I have city roots with a southern soul! I have been back in New York for 5 years now and I am pursuing my dreams of creating content. I do that through modeling, hosting, filming, producing, writing and a few other ways but my main focus is to produce!

I believe I was put on this earth to make a difference and sometimes understanding how to do that is frustrating. So this blog is for all the dreamers that want to be doers and bosses! Dreaming is so beautiful but here we DO, and so can you!

Thank you for stopping by! Please connect with me more in the comment section or through social media! Instagram! Facebook! Twitter!