Give Me Chills


Let me feel those chills
The wave of tingles across my lips down my chest
Flutters of butterflies in my stomach and tingles down my thighs
Those chills make me believe it’s real
The others never touched me the way you do
Sensations were mute until you came, life emotionless
Soft smooth fingertips glide along my neck caressing my face
I gaze up into your eyes taking a deep breath
Time seems to fade from reality
I want everything you are and
I’ll give you all I’ve ever wanted to be
It’s those chills
They let me know this is more than lust
It’s more than real
It’s everything
You’ve become my everything 🌸

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Sexuality has always been something I have tried to put my finger on for years. For the longest I have never felt like a sexy woman even though I have been told otherwise. Since I was young I have been seen as a sexual being. Men have lusted over me. I have used sex as a way to feel loved and wanted, never really understanding my own sexuality. My desires, my likes and dislikes, my comfortability in and out of the bed. At times even confusing my sexual exhibitions as being a relationship thinking they were one in the same. It is a constant tug and pull but as I grow older and make my own rules for my own sexuality I start to realize there is no definition or box I can put it in. I can embrace my sexiness in or out of the bedroom.

SN: Check out one of my favorite songs below! Chills by Fatty Koo! They came out during those P. Diddy “Making The Band” days! 

Love Always,
Meah Denee




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